Snow Cone Machine

Snow Cone Machine

    • Outlets: Need a Dedicated 15 or 20 amp 120 V circuit

    • Base Price up to 6 hours of fun!


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      *Holiday prices will increase 25% due to high demand and labor cost of our employees.
      *Multi-day Rentals are 60% extra per day
      *Overnight Pickups will increase $25 start at 11pm
      *Last Minute Booking Fee $60 We consider last minute orders to be a day before your event

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Snow Cone Machine Comes Only With:
1 Gallon of Syrup
50 Plastic Cups (10oz)
50 Plastic Spoon 
(These supplies are approximately for 50 people)
Additional supplies for 50 guests are $20.00 + Tax
Electricity Outlet: Please note that we do require Electricity Outlet per unit within 10' of the setup area.

Do not use extension cords: If you must, use 25 ft heavy duty 10 or 12 GAUGE EXTENSION CORD.  Long or light duty cords will not work.  Try to plug machine directly into a 15 or 20 amp dedicated circuit without an extension cord if possible. Damage can occur to the machine if any other extension cords are used. When we deliver the rental machines, the bigger ones can not go up a flight of stairs.  There must be an elevator, they are too heavy.

Warning: This unit must be operated by adults, please unplug the unit when you stop operating/using, to avoid accidents with children. Under no circumstances should a child operate this unit.

Do I need to clean the machine? NO.

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